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Data Center Solutions

Developing a secure, reliable, and efficient data center is a top priority for IT professionals. Whether upgrading its current data center infrastructure or designing a brand new data center from scratch, iNetwork Solutions expertise can help your company move from the design stage through implementation and maintenance.

A data center should function as a carefully controlled environment. Choice of location, cooling, and the amount of space required, and the related power requirements are all important factors that require to be considered when building a data center. iNetwork Solutions team of experts is trained to assess these factors and more to design any kind of data center perfectly suited to your needs. When it comes to providing scalability, flexibility, and high availability, our designs and resources set iNetwork Solutions one of the most effective.

Our team of system engineers and power/cooling experts has the extensive industry knowledge, and that we can engage on an engineer-to-engineer basis to design unique solutions optimized for your business.

Key Design Criteria

- Environmental Specification - Data center cooling solutions.

- UPS - Raised Floor, Cable trays.

- Power Distribution Systems - Access control.

- Surveillance Systems - Fire Protection Systems.

- Accurate Documentations.