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Structured Cabling Services

iNetwork Solutions is specialized in data and fiber optic cabling installation and testing supported reliable, high-quality, standards-based cabling and network infrastructure components, implementing new or upgrading current infrastructure, iNetwork Solutions provide a network cabling system that's able to scale accommodating bandwidth needs and simply integrate the newest technologies helps your business stay competitive while reducing overall infrastructure costs.

Copper and Fiber Cabling

iNetwork Solutions is committed to providing their clients the latest Structured Cabling Systems, such as, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 single mode and multi mode cable systems that are capable of Gigabyte speeds and more. iNetwork Solutions provides their customers and business partners with the greatest amount of functionality through ANSI, TIA/EIA and ISO Standards.  

Network Cabinet

Because Network Racks are an important component of the structured cabling systems, iNetwork Solutions provides a network cabinet which can eciently and safely hold all network components, eciently utilizing the space in your data center.

iNetwork Solutions have well trained technicians working with various types of racks including “Floor mount, Wall mount, Network Racks, Server Racks”